Healthy Drinks Guide

7-Step Reset

Looking for a fast and easy way to boost your energy levels, lose weight, clarify your skin and more? Read on and learn how to sip your way to great health.

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Step 1: Learn the facts

Read up on the research and science behind healthy drinks and their benefits and learn:

  • what not to drink

  • what to drink

  • how much to drink

  • when to drink

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Step 2: Shift your habits

With these facts still fresh in your mind, it’s now time to start shifting your habits. Not sure where to start? Take the quiz and identify your top priorities.

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Step 3: Make a list

With your goals top of mind, make a list of specific superfoods to include in your healthy drinks that will help you best achieve them.

Search our superfoods directory (by nutrient and benefit) to filter and find the best superfood ingredients for you.

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Step 4: Choose your drinks

With your superfoods list all set, we’re sure you are super excited about making your own healthy drinks at home. But what particular healthy drink will be best for you?

You can make superfood smoothies, healthy juices, detox drinks and more! Read our articles to help you find the healthy drinks that best go with your lifestyle, goals and needs.

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Step 5: Get the essentials

Good news: there’s not much you actually need to make your own healthy drinks at home, except for a few essentials.

If you need a blender or a juicer, read our honest assessment of the best blenders and best juicers on the market in our in-depth guides . Or explore the shop for some highly-recommended, super helpful tools we use and love.

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Step 6: Browse the recipes

You are almost at the finish line and now it’s time to get your hands wet and make your own healthy drinks. If you haven’t already, access our recipe directory for 60+ superfood smoothie, healthy juice and herbal tea recipes.

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Step 7: Take a challenge

Make a more serious commitment to your health so you can look and feel great with our 7-day reset challenges, which include:

  1. Our plant-based, superfood-focused approach to cleansing and rejuvenating the body

  2. Exclusive recipes, drink plans and grocery lists

  3. Dedicated plans for clear skin (gut health, weight loss, energy boosts and more launching soon)

  4. Guidance on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle after the program for lasting results

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