Common questions — and answers — on all things healthy drinks.


+ I am a healthy drinks beginner, where do I start?

We designed a free 7-step healthy drinks reset program that starts out with the most important facts and science around healthy drinks.

The reset also helps you become aware of your own diet and drink habits and, with your particular health needs in mind, points you to the superfoods and healthiest drinks that are best for you.

The reset also equips you with the tools and recipes you need to get started making healthy drinks in your own kitchen.

Creating a simple, new healthy habit like that can have a positive impact on your health and well-being, for years to come.

+ Why healthy drinks?

In the US alone, people consume 43 grams of sugar every day through sodas, energy drinks and sugary beverages.

That is 34 pounds of added sugar a year! If you ever wondered where the recent spike in type 2 diabetes, obesity, bad skin and many other physical and mental health conditions came from, here is your answer.

It is important that people know there are alternatives to sugary drinks that taste amazing, are easy-to-prepare and incredibly nutritious drink choices.

+ Is there such a thing as a skin care drink?

Yes, absolutely. Your skin is a marvelous organ that constantly protects you from outside bacteria, adjusts your body temperature to your current environment and absorbs oxygen, hydration and nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

This is what your skin does for you every day.

What you can do for your skin is support it by hydrating and moisturizing it from the inside out. Skin care smoothies, detox waters and skin teas do exactly that.

+ Which healthy drink is best for students, creatives and people doing intellectual work?

There are certain foods that are known for being extremely beneficial to the human brain by boosting memory retrieval, quick thinking and more.

These foods are rightly called brain foods. Smoothies made of these brain foods are an awesome way of giving your brain the edge it needs to perform at optimal levels.

Another healthy drink for intellectuals and creatives is green tea. Green tea stimulates anxiety-reversing alpha waves in your brain while its moderate caffeine content stimulates alertness. That equates to relaxation and focus, all in one.

+ What are some of the most refreshing healthy drinks for summer?

With the temperatures we have been experiencing these past summers, proper hydration is the number one thing to be mindful of in order to be well, healthy and productive even in extreme heat.

For your summer go-to drinks, you certainly do not want to resort to sodas, energy drinks or juice concentrates nor to alcoholic drinks as these bad drinks put an additional burden on your already strained system.

Instead, help your body stay cool, hydrated and moisturized in the heat by drinking some of the best summer healthy drinks specifically designed for hot summer days.

+ Are there healthy sports drinks you would recommend to drink pre and post workouts?

Yes, when working out there are certain minerals and nutrients that will power up your muscles, endurance and overall performance. Take, for instance, dietary nitrate contained in arugula. It helps reduce the amount of oxygen your muscles need when working out, thus improving muscle performance.

And proteins, of course. They not only increase your endurance, but start already repairing microscopic muscle tears while still exercising.

For our exercise aficionados, we have specifically designed pre and post workout smoothies to help you shine at the gym, on the pitch or in the pool.

+ When you speak of superdrinks, what do you mean?

Superdrinks for us, first and foremost, is a destination and resource for anyone with an interest in the role healthy drinks can play in supercharging their health and well-being.

That said, we like to think of the healthy drinks we present and explain to our readers as superdrinks because they are based on superfoods.

Superfoods are essentially the best, most nutritious and healthiest foods nature has to offer. The true superstar here of course is Nature, by virtue of generating such amazing superfoods such as ginger or turmeric, with the scientifically proven medicinal and nutritional benefits these offer.

The healthy drinks we present truly deserve to be called superdrinks because they densely pack vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber our bodies need to be healthy.

+ Do your healthy drinks have a history?

Yes, indeed, many do. In our search for some of the best natural ingredients nature has on offer, be it superfruits like lemon, acai or blueberries or superspices like ginger and turmeric, we also learn about the people who have relied on these superfoods for centuries, if not millenia.

Take matcha green tea, for instance. Buddhist Zen Monks brewed matcha first in the 12th century as part of their hour-long, daily meditation practice.

+ Why is matcha green tea such a trend?

Simply put, because it is 10x more powerful than any regular green tea!

Matcha is an incredibly versatile tea gathering a diverse following from Zen Monks to Samurai Warriors.

While the monks sought out the matcha-induced state of calm focus for their meditations, the Samurai warriors, known for their disciplined conduct and rigorous lifestyle, incorporated matcha tea into their battle preparation rituals, seeking out matcha‘s regenerative powers for body and mind.

This is also how matcha became intrinsically associated with the elaborate tea ceremonies that remain engrained into Japanese traditions, to this day.

+ What are detox drinks?

Our bodies every day come in contact with toxins, be it from exhaust fumes and polluted air, to remainders of hormones and antibiotics in the meats we eat or preservatives and additives we consume with foods that are highly processed. The need for detoxifying our body is evident.

A range of healthy drinks can be used as detox drinks: herbal teas, superfood smoothies, infused waters or cleansing juices are typically made from fresh, organic, 100% natural superfood vegetables, fruits, roots, spices or herbs.

They have been created to cleanse, which is what they do by flushing out toxins and waste from our system. Detox drinks thus support our detoxification organs (think liver, kidney and gut) in their filtering and treatment work, ensuring that these do not get clogged up by low-grade nutritional value foods.

By doing so, detox drinks among other things cleanse your liver, boost your energy levels and aid in the management of digestive disorders.

+ What are some of the healthiest drinks anybody can drink?

That is obviously a million dollar question. The answer may be a little different depending on individual pre-dispositions and preferences, but in essence a healthy drink will be one that promotes hydration, packs essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and can without harm be consumed regularly.

More precisely, this definition would include water (plain or infused), unsweetened healthy teas and – in moderation – green smoothies and juices that follow a 70/30 to 80/20 veggie/fruit ratio.

If you need a little inspiration, browse our articles that contain some of the healthiest smoothies and teas to drink daily.

+ How do I make a healthy smoothie?

Smoothies are easy, better they are really fun to make.

What you need is fresh (ideally, organic) greens, fruits, healthy nuts and seeds – almost any combination of our superfood directory is possible – and where possible a good blender to toss it all in.

The bigger question is: what are the building blocks of a healthy and nutritious green smoothie that you will love?

For that, we like to follow a systematic, well-defined 5-step process that we lay out here.

+ Is there a particular blender for smoothies that you would recommend?

Yes, there is. We recently investigated and reviewed some of the best personal and full-size smoothie blenders available on the market.

We share our process and independent assessment of the best blenders here in our Best Blenders review.

If you read carefully, you'll even find out which blender we trust so much, we use it to satisfy our own smoothie obsession.

+ What do I need to know before buying a juicing machine?

So, you’re ready to start juicing, but want to avoid expensive juice counters or sugary store-bought brands? Good for you! Making 100% natural and healthy juices at home officially is the way to go.

Not only will you save tons of money. But, more importantly, you’ll be able to appreciate the taste and freshness of a juice made from scratch in your own kitchen.

To get you started quickly, we have put together an extensive guide of the best juicer machines on the market. In this guide, we explain:

  • why to juice
  • what to juice
  • the difference between juicing and blending
  • the difference between a masticating and a centrifugal juicer
  • what to look out for when trying to find a juicer that works best for your circumstances.

The review concludes by zooming in on 5 of the absolute best juicing machines on the market, their pros and cons and the choice we made when it came to juggling price, functionality and design for our own juicer. See for yourself here.

+ What are the most effective weight loss drinks?

Apologies, if we disappoint you here for a second. There is no single weight loss drink that would act as a magic bullet.

When it comes to weight loss, it is all about regulating your calorie intake while at the same time working out and adopting a healthy overall diet, without exception.

That said, a healthy drinking routine can speed up your weight loss journey in different ways, for instance by boosting your metabolism, increasing satiety (i.e. keeping you full longer) and believe it or not, helping your body to actively use fat as fuel.

To find out more about this particular belly fat burning drink, read on here.

For a round-up of 9 of the fastest working weight loss drinks, click here.

+ What are the most important vitamins and minerals for healthy and glowing skin? And which skin foods are rich in these?

Clear and naturally beautiful skin is not a given. It has to do with genes, hormones, stress levels and dietary habits, to name a few.

We have put together a guide for you, covering both the most important skin vitamins and minerals and the top skin foods that are rich in these nutrients, so you know exactly what to consume to reach your personal skin care and skin glow goals.

Let me just say so much: after reading this, you will know exactly why avocado, kale, lemon and walnuts are your skin's best friends. For a full list of the best skin foods, read here.