[Healthy Smoothies] Can Losing Weight Taste Good? A Guide to Weight Loss Smoothies

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

Losing weight can be hard work. "Do not eat this! Do not eat that!"

The number of restrictions and things not to do on the weight loss journey can be incredibly frustrating. Believe us, we feel you. But, guess what!? It's time for some good news!

After all the don'ts, there finally is a do that will make losing weight taste good, real good!


Because superfood-based weight loss smoothies are both: weight loss heroes and healthy treats!

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

What is a healthy superfood-based smoothie?

Let’s set the record straight from the start. Most smoothies you buy in a bottle at your grocery store are nothing but overpriced, sugary, feel-good drinks!

Not to add another don't to your list, but you may want to pass on those.

A healthy smoothie is one made of fresh, ideally organic ingredients. As what is the point of cleansing your system only to end up consuming pesticides a minute later?

We consider healthy smoothies to be made of 70-80% green veggies (think kale, spinach, celery, cucumber) and 20-30% fruit (such as avocado, blueberries, apple or banana).

You may not think of it that way, but natural fruit still contains substantial amounts of fructose or fruit sugar which consumed in large doses ends up messing up your calorie count.

So, with the 70/30 or even better 80/20 veggie/fruit ratio you elegantly circumvent that risk, thus increasing the odds to build yourself a seriously super healthy weight loss smoothie.

A healthy weight loss smoothie is also rich in pulp because pulp is an excellent source of fiber and fantastic news for your digestive system. That fiber by the way is also the reason why you unlike your friend who just had a freshly-squeezed orange juice are not going to feel the quick burn and crash sensation that comes from fruit sugar bombs like that. Not to mention the difference in calories between these two drinks! Good for you, go smoothie girl!

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

Why are smoothies weight loss heroes?

If made right and enjoyed on a regular basis as part of your regular, and even better, daily diet, smoothies may:

  • help you feel full and satisfied longer, reducing the power of cravings and the risk of uncontrolled overeating

  • improve the functioning of your digestive system, an extremely sensitive but also powerful organ whose health is crucial for your well-being and weight regulation

  • help flush out toxins from your system while strengthening your immune system thanks to a host of nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in its ingredients

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

How exactly can smoothies help you lose weight?

Healthy and fresh, homemade smoothies have significant weight-loss potential, both in the immediate short- and in the medium-to-long-term.

To begin with, on days when you feel you’ve overeaten or feel bloated, try to replace your next meal with a fresh green smoothie and let it do its detox magic inside your system.

If you want, you could go beyond this occasional smoothie tactic with a longer detox.

Consider replacing a meal a day, for two or three days, with a healthy, hearty, protein-rich smoothie to sustain you instead.

Support the flushing and detox effect of this 3-day smoothie cleanse by drinking plenty of water every day.

Flushing out your system in this way can easily lead to the shedding of 3-5 pounds in excess weight as a recent study on vegetable/fruit juice-based 3-day cleanses suggests.

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

How do healthy smoothies help you maintain weight loss?

The best news about smoothies is that, unlike fad diets, they can help you lose and maintain weight loss over time.

For one thing, the more you shop for fresh green vegetables, superfoods, nuts and berries, the more you will appreciate healthy and hearty ingredients.

Moreover, preparing your own smoothie gives you 100% control over what you consume instead of relying on fast and processed foods.

So, when you embark on this healthy superfoods-smoothie-weight-loss journey, you are making giant steps towards reprogramming your brain and your body to appreciate this 100% natural way of eating and drinking.

In other words, you are sending your brain —  the ultimate command center for successful weight-loss battles — a message that is unequivocal about kale, spinach, avocado and ginger being the new sexy to be craved. Period. Who said you can’t rewire your brain to crave good things?

It may take a moment to reach that point, but one thing is for sure, by making fresh, healthy, superfood-based smoothies every day, you will start one of the most significant changes required in the weight-loss game: the shift towards a healthy diet!

If you need a bit of inspiration, explore the delicious weight loss smoothies in our free recipe directory.

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

Which ingredients are true weight loss superfoods?

Oats! Oats? Yes, precisely. These rich-in-fiber and high-in-protein little miracles blend easily and are slow digesting, keeping you full while fighting off uncontrolled cravings.

Spinach and kale because they are two of the healthiest foods on earth. Low in calories and fat, loaded with vitamins C and K and antioxidants which fight ageing and a host of other diseases.

Almonds, pistachios, flax, chia and hemp seeds are absolute superfoods rich in healthy saturated fats, fiber and proteins while reducing hunger and helping maintain weight loss.

Avocados are great for the silk-creamy taste they add to any smoothie while containing zero sodium, zero cholesterol plus 20 essential nutrients.

Ginger and lemon are two absolute stars among the superfoods known for improving digestion, supporting weight control and lowering cholesterol.

Cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg are tasty spices loaded with antioxidants. They lower blood sugar and promote a healthy and effective digestion.

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

What do you need to start reaping the benefits of weight loss smoothies?

Not much except your local farmers market or high-quality grocer, a smoothie powder (optional) and a good blender.

If you want to reap the many benefits of not only losing weight, but also maintaining weight loss over time, you will eventually want to own a powerful blender, so you have 100% control over what you consume and can make smoothies all the time.

And believe us: making these little concoctions is fun, particularly because what you make here are 100% healthy drinks from high-grade 100% natural ingredients that will make you feel good about yourself and inside your own body!

That's it! Now, check out our list of the best superfoods for inspiration and to help you plan your next trip to the farmer’s market or organic grocery store.

What Makes a Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?