[Healthy Skin] 5 Ways How To Get Clear Skin Fast Naturally

The average woman in the US spends $3,756 per year on her appearance – 25% of which on her face alone. And yet, all this money does not seem to dispel her discomfort: skin care remains one of her top concerns all year long.

This is why, we recommend a skin care routine that clarifies, detoxifies and hydrates your skin holistically, from the inside out. Here are our 5 ways how to get clear skin fast naturally.

5 Secrets to Clear, Healthy and Glowing Skin

Fascinating Skin Facts

Your skin is an absolutely exceptional organ. Bigger than any other organ, if you were to lay it out on a flat surface your skin would cover 21 square feet or 2 square meters.

Plus, these 21 square feet of skin are home to 300 million skin cells. That’s a whole lot of skin.

More than that, you skin sheds almost 40,000 dead skin cells every single minute. And it keeps growing new skin cells at an equally stunning pace.

This essentially equates to a cycle where ­your skin goes through an incredible rejuvenation metamorphosis, generating an entirely new layer every 28 days.

And that’s great news because it means the skin you have is not the skin you are stuck with forever.

Core Skin Functions

Your skin is an extremely complex, fine-tuned and reliable grid of sensors that constantly pulls in a host of information about your current environment.

This information helps it to regulate and adjust your body temperature and other factors to be in tune with the season, the weather and your precise surroundings at any given time.

As a semi-permeable membrane, your skin is also vital in absorbing water and oxygen while excreting toxins through your sweat.

By the same token, it also serves as the first line of defense against outside bacteria, germs and infectious disease.

Finally, you can also think of your skin as a window into your body's engine room. Many changes to your body's broader health and well-being will become visible on your skin first.

For example, hives, rashes and itching can be your skin's way of signaling a deeper issue such as an allergy, bacterial infection or an autoimmune deficiency.

Therefore, it pays to take good care of your skin and being in tune with what it tries to tell you.

All of these facts bring us to the heart of our article: 5 secrets how to get clear, healthy and truly glowing skin.

Free Guide: The Best Superfoods for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Free Guide: The Best Superfoods for Healthy, Glowing Skin


5 Secrets to Glowing Skin

1. What you do to your body, you do to your skin

Your body is an intricate and sensitive machine that enables you to survive because it is so good at gathering information about and adjusting to its current environment. It does this through an elaborate system of sensors — including the ones built into your 300 million skin cells.

However, you can disrupt this well-oiled machine with poor health and wellness habits. One of the most obvious manifestations of this principle is that whatever you eat or drink affects your body as a whole and by extension its largest organ, the skin.

So, if you stuff your liver and digestive system with a diet of low-grade, low nutritional value junk foods and drinks, including processed foods, sugar, gluten, fats and alcohol — a toxic liver will eventually start to wrack havoc on your skin cells causing inflammation and acne breakouts.

If you want your skin to be healthy and radiant, you may want to rethink your diet and replace unhealthy foods with superfoods that contain essential vitamins and elements that your body (including your skin) thrives on.

If you are tired of waking up to bad skin, start tackling your skincare problems today with our 100% natural, science-backed, step-by-step 7-day skincare and skin health program for clear, healthy and glowing skin.

2. You can holistically nourish, hydrate, energize and rejuvenate your skin from within

You may apply ten different topical lotions, creams and serums to your skin, but none of these topical treatments beats the benefits of eating and drinking essential skin nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

A healthy diet is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get glowing skin.  

To be clear, you can literally eat and drink your way to stunning show-stopping skin. And we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a skin glow reference guide that outlines the top skincare vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

5 Secrets to Clear, Healthy and Glowing Skin

3. Hydration is your skincare magic wand

Water makes up for 50% of your body and supplies your cells (including your skin cells) with oxygen and nutrients while carrying toxins and waste away.

Water is especially beneficial for your skin because it slows down the process of aging, keeping your skin cells elastic and fighting the formation of wrinkles.

And yes, stating the obvious: well moisturized skin looks incredibly plump and supple, dehydrated skin dry and lifeless.

More precisely, the skin glow every wants is largely due to proper hydration as water moisturizes, nourishes and eliminates toxins that would otherwise cause irritation and inflammation.

Hydration also acts as an important signal to your glands. Dried out skin sends a message to produce more oil as a substitute for the missing lubricant and as a defense mechanism against external agents. This then leads to clogged skin and acne breakouts.

So, if you are looking for a skincare secret weapon, stay hydrated throughout the day with water, skincare detox teas and skincare smoothies. These drinks are your skin’s fountain of youth!

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4. Supercharge Your Skincare with Superfoods

Another magic bullet for great, blemish-free skin (aside from hydration) are superfoods, particularly kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.

Dark, leafy greens hydrate your skin and promote lymphatic drainage, leaving your face de-puffed and radiant.

Kale, in particular, is one of the most nutrient-dense and healthiest foods on the planet. Packed with vitamin A and C, Kale is an absolute collagen-booster, which is the protein responsible for your skin's elasticity and strength.

Sunflower seeds and almonds are rich in Vitamin E, iron, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients feature anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizing powers, free radicals protection and oxygen-supplying capabilities.

An easy and sure-fire way of taking in all the healthy greens, nuts and seeds your skin needs every day is to drink them in healthy smoothies. Our 7-day skin glow challenge takes you step-by-step through the process of getting healthy skin fast and effortlessly.

5. Rejuvenate your skin over night

The concept of beauty sleep sounds cliché, but there couldn’t be a better description for the process that your skin undergoes at night.

During the day your skin is busy defending itself and the rest of your body from outside elements, sun exposure, UV radiation, the weather, environmental toxins and free radicals.

But, when you are sleeping, it is the perfect time for your skin to focus on repairing itself and amping up the production of collagen — the quintessential anti-aging protein which single-handedly endows your skin with youthful elasticity, pre-empting sagging, wrinkles and fine-lines.

When you are asleep, your body also channels essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin. That is why, after a good night's sleep you tend to wake up to a more radiant skin and rosy cheeks while when you are sleep deprived you get up looking ashy, dull and grey.

So, be a sleeping beauty and prioritize your sleep hygiene. Your skin will reward you for it.