[Healthy Skin] 3 Stunning Lemon Water Benefits For Your Skin

5 Healthy Lemon Water Benefits that are Evidence-Based

Want a quick, Vitamin C-packed hydration and collagen boost for your skin? Look no further than lemon water!

More often than not, it takes a lot of effort, energy and time to build a healthy skincare routine. Luckily, some healthy skin care habits are real low-hanging fruits.

One super healthy drink in particular takes only 15 seconds of prep time, but features health and skin care benefits that can add years to your life and youth to your face: water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Lemon water is a potent vitamin C superdrink that is quick to prepare, a great source of healthy hydration and packed with essential skin nutrients.

It's so simple – it’s an absolute no-brainer addition to your arsenal of healthy drinks, complementing the healthy herbal teas, superfood smoothies and cleansing juices you may already drink.

In this guide, we discuss the evidence-based lemon water benefits for your skin and explain how to make lemon water.

A word of caution: by the end of this article, you may want to run to the store and buy fresh, organic lemons, better start clearing your schedule. Jokes aside, read on and you’ll see why lemon water may be your new skincare go-to drink.

Lemon Water Benefit for Skin #1: Hydration Clears and Moisturizes Your Skin

Water, no surprises here, is the number one source of hydration for your entire body. As the main element of your body, in particular your blood, you need a lot of water every day for your organs, including your body’s largest organ the skin, to perform at their best.

For example, without water your blood could not supply the millions of cells in your system with the oxygen and nutrients they need. So, proper hydration is indispensable for your skin cells to receive the steady supply of oxygen, minerals and skin vitamins they need to grow and thrive.

More than that, your skin also requires moisture and proper hydration in order to wash out toxins that, were they to be left unchecked, would very quickly turn into a source of skin irritation, inflammation and acne breakouts for your skin.

Lemon water’s hydrating properties thus help slow down the process of aging, keeping your skin cells elastic and fighting the formation of wrinkles.

Bonus benefit of lemon water: it is a tasty and tangy alternative to sipping plain water, making it a more refreshing and satisfying source of hydration that helps you drink more, giving your skin a more plump and supple look.

In particular for folks who don't like plain water, a lemon infusion makes it easier to meet the hydration goals set by the National Academies of Sciences: 15 glasses of water for a man and 11 glasses for a woman per day (one glass being 8 ounces).

Lemon Water Benefit for Skin #2: Vitamin C Boosts Your Skin’s Elasticity

In the vitamin hall of fame, Vitamin C holds top status. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the negative effect of free radicals, which, if left unchecked, can cause damage to your cells all the way down to your DNA (!). Vitamin C’s potent antioxidants have a powerful anti-aging effect on your skin, reducing wrinkle formation and supporting the speedy recovery from skin cell damage.

Vitamin C is one of the absolute top skin vitamins for anyone who wants to have clear and glowing skin, as it stimulates the production of collagen, this mighty protein responsible for strong and springy skin. Vitamin C also has anti-aging effects that make your skin look young and fresh.

Plus, another bonus of Vitamin C is its powerful role in boosting your immune system. That's because Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, the so-called lymphocytes and phagocytes, which strengthen the body's internal healing abilities as well as its defense system against outside infections. A functioning and healthy immune system, in turn, also is good for your skin as it protects it from disease, dryness and chronic skin conditions.

The amazing thing about lemon water is that you can easily cover the majority of your daily Vitamin C needs from lemon water as the juice of just one lemon contains 31 mg or 51% of your recommended daily intake.

5 Healthy Lemon Water Benefits that are Evidence-Based

Lemon Water Benefit for Skin #3: Supports the Detoxification Function of Kidney, Liver and Gut

Lemons are a superfood and water is the body's greatest detoxifier. Together, they support your kidneys, gut and liver in eliminating toxins from the body, making lemon water an excellent cleansing drink.

And remember, well oiled detoxification organs (i.e. liver, kidney and gut) act as a rampart against the spreading and havoc wrecked by free radicals that are trying to assault your cells, including your skin cells.

Skin experts actually recommend drinking two glasses of lemon-infused water as a daily detox and skin care routine in the morning.

Its laxative effects may also flush out and prevent the buildup of toxins, jumpstarting your digestive system.

Ayurvedic medicine claims that the lemon's tart, sour taste helps stimulate your "agni" which activates and sets your digestive system in motion.

What is for sure is that the lemon's pulp is full of fiber and a great source of pectin, a plant-based, soluble fiber, supporting your gut health.

So, in a nutshell, lemon water is good for your detoxification organs which in turn are responsible for healthy and glowing skin.

5 Healthy Lemon Water Benefits that are Evidence-Based

Bonus Lemon Water Benefit for Skin: More Oxygen, More Skin Glow

Iron is one of the most important skin minerals in existence. It stimulates your body to produce hemoglobin, the substance that allows your red blood cells to supply your tissue and muscles with oxygen. Lack of iron literally means your body is being deprived of oxygen.

Not only does oxygen literally allow your skin to breathe, it is vital for the production of the two skin superproteins elastin and collagen which have your skin look young, plump and fresh.

Iron also speeds up the healing of damaged skin and wounds and is also known for providing your skin with a glow. 

Lemons don't hold a lot of iron, but are important iron absorption facilitators. This is particularly relevant for vegetarians, vegans and those who eat other plant-based diets. The human body can easily absorb iron contained in meat, chicken or fish, but needs a little more support when trying to do the same with iron contained in plants.

The Vitamin C and citric acids contained in lemons capture plant-based iron and store it in a way that your body can more readily access and incorporate it into its system.

A study showed that 100 mg of Vitamin C consumed during a meal increases the iron absorption rate by 67%.

The bottom line is that lemon water helps your body more effectively use iron, which then allows for a more optimal flow of oxygen to your tissue and skin cells.

How To Make Lemon Water Recipe

Making your own lemon water at home is incredibly quick and easy with this bulletproof lemon water recipe. When preparing healthy lemon water at home, give preference to the actual fresh fruit rather than taking your lemon juice from a bottle.

  1. Buy fresh, organic lemons at your local farmer's market or organic grocer to ensure they are free of pesticides. Otherwise, you may offset the benefits of cleansing your system with toxic residue on the fruit's peel.

  2. Cut the fruit in half and squeeze half the lemon's juice into an 8 oz. glass of cool or room temperature filtered water. If you throw the entire lemon in the glass be sure you clean the lemon’s skin well beforehand.

  3. Don't strain out the pulp. It is rich in dietary fiber and a very important part of the fruit. Moreover, opt to drink your lemon water unsweetened, so you won't turn it into a high-calorie sugar bomb.

Depending on your palate, you may also enjoy adding one of these other superfoods to your lemon water infusion:

  • a few leaves of fresh mint

  • a 1/2 inch slice of fresh ginger root

  • a dash of turmeric

  • a few slices of fresh cucumber

  • two or three sliced and peeled limes

  • the wedges of one full orange

As with any healthy drink, it is important that you find a concoction that you thoroughly enjoy. That is the best predictor for you drinking it consistently, so to over time reap the full spectrum of its many health benefits.

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