[Juicing Benefits] How to Do a Juice Cleanse: DIY for Beginners

how to do a juice cleanse

Juice cleansing is all the rave, but not everyone is aware of its purpose and benefits.

This simple juicing guide explains what juicing is, the benefits of juicing and how to DIY a juice cleanse as a beginner.

how to do a juice cleanse

What is Juicing?

So what exactly is juicing?

First of all, juicing is the process of extracting juice from whole fruits and vegetables using a manual apparatus or juicer machine.

It has become a popular diet trend because of the plethora of benefits associated with drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

What does juice cleansing do?

A juice cleanse involves the regular consumption of specific combinations of vegetable and fruit juices that may help detoxify the body, boost metabolism and induce weight loss.

Other potential benefits of a juice cleanse include boosting your energy levels and strengthening your mental stability.  

Is juicing the same as fasting?

No. Although juice cleansing typically requires sticking to the sole consumption of juice for one or more of your meals, it is not the same as fasting.

You still have a low intake of calories with juicing whereas with fasting you are not consuming anything at all, so there is no calorie intake.  

Is juicing similar to blending?

No. They are quite different. Juicing squeezes out juice from fruits and vegetables and completely separates the juice from the pulp (i.e. the flesh as well as seeds).

Blending, which is what you do to make smoothies, does not separate the pulp from the juice but keeps everything included. This results in a different texture and sometimes flavor.

Can you use any produce to juice?

If you want to do a juice cleanse, it’s best to avoid low-quality, prepackaged juice mixes. Instead use only fresh ingredients and try to opt for organic produce to avoid pesticides.

how to do a juice cleanse

Juicing Benefits

Now that we’ve covered the basics, why is juicing so popular and why would you want to do a juice cleanse?

The reason is that juice cleansing may potentially offer some incredible benefits:

  • A juice cleanse may serve as a detox diet for people looking to get rid of toxins in their body and help support the liver in its cleansing duties.

  • You don't have to do a juice cleanse for very long as you may start looking and feeling better as soon as in three days.

  • Fruits as well as vegetables contain significant amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you otherwise may not receive from your regular diet.

  • Juices may contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which help boost your immune system, in particular during the cold and flu season.

  • Juices could help improve your digestive system, introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut work more effectively.

  • Juices taste amazing!

Juicing Disclaimer

Beware that during a juice cleanse, the associated lower calorie intake may result in headaches and low blood sugar, accompanied by a general lack of strength.

Plenty of water and hydration, however, may be able to offset this effect.

Juicing is an easy way to get your daily intake of nutrients without having to eat tons of whole fruits or vegetables.

And a short juice cleansing regimen is a good mindset shift that can also help jumpstart overall better eating habits.

However, we believe juices should be part of a balanced diet and not relied on as long-term meal replacements.

We also recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before starting any new diet regimen.

Read more about the benefits (and limitations) of juicing, then let’s get on with it!

how to do a juice cleanse

DIY Juice Cleanse 

To get started with your juice cleanse as a beginner, we recommend you limit it to three days. Here’s a simple process:

First, you need a method of juicing with a manual juice press or juicing machine. You can search our shop for recommendations.

We’re advocates of getting the essentials you need to juice at home instead of purchasing more costly juicing programs.

Plus, you will know exactly where your ingredients come from, giving you full control over what you consume.

Second, you need to take a look at different juice recipes and determine which ones you want to incorporate into your 3-day juicing plan.

A full juice cleanse specifies that you replace your meals with juice.

For that reason, we strongly advise you to limit your juicing plan to maximum three days, plus incorporate both fruit and vegetable juices into each meal of the day, especially green vegetables.

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We also suggest sipping your juices slow and consuming room temperature water in between each juice to further flush out toxins.

Third, be sure to listen to your body and take it easy, especially if this is your first juice cleanse.

It’s not unlikely that your body may respond in different ways to the cleanse that may not be comfortable.

If hunger persists or if you start to feel a bit uneasy, you can sip vegetable broth or nibble on something healthy like a salad, carrots, celery or a whole piece of fruit.

Lastly, after the juice cleanse is over, don’t reverse the benefits by binging on unhealthy foods. Slowly re-introduce healthy solid foods into your meals over the next few days.

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A juice cleanse is an amazing way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle as it is an efficient way of taking in more nutrients and aiding the body in its natural detox duties.

Juicing may not be right for everyone, it is not recommended for long-term meal replacement and should by all means be practiced with moderation.

If you have existing conditions or want to undertake a juicing cleanse for more than a day, you may want to consult your doctor or nutritionist first.