7 Habits of A Highly Effective Smoothiest

7 Habits of A Highly Effective Smoothiest

Not every smoothie automatically qualifies as a healthy drink. Here are 7 tips to ensure yours does.

Did you know that store-bought smoothies contain more sugar than soda? When you look at the myriad of incredibly mouth-watering smoothie options on Instagram and Pinterest, do you realize that many of them given their fat and sugar contents can’t legitimately be called healthy smoothies?

What makes smoothies one of our favorite healthy drinks is that, if done right, you can easily make them low-sugar, high-fiber and nutrient-packed.

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For any smoothie aficionado curious about how to derive the most health benefits out of their concoctions, we’ve put together our top 7 hacks for healthy smoothies so that your smoothies, too, may be:

  1. low-sugar, low-calorie

  2. gut-healing

  3. satisfying, appetite-suppressing weight loss agents

  4. source of healthy fats and hydration

  5. packed with vital minerals and vitamins your body craves

  6. nutri-licious

  7. productivity boosters

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

 1. How To Dramatically Reduce Your Calorie And Sugar Intake (The 70-30 Rule)

We would not be self-declared smoothiests if it meant adding insane amounts of sugar to our diet every day. That does not work for us as it inevitably leads to short-lived bursts of energy followed by unpleasant blood-sugar spike-related crash and burns.

This is why, we recommend making your smoothies at home. Many store-bought brands are nothing more than sugary and expensive purees that pack as much as 11g of sugar per 100ml (a coke has 10.6g of sugar per 100ml).

So, don't be fooled by fancy smoothie labels at the store. Making your own healthy smoothies at home is the way to go.

By our standards, a healthy smoothie is filled with greens and veggies and a great ratio is 70% veggies, 30% fruit. This ensures you avoid too much sugar while taking in the minerals, vitamins and fiber your body needs.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

2. How To Heal Your Gut With Smoothies (Dietary Fiber)

Congratulations, as a smoothiest you have joined the right side of the eternal juicing vs. blending battle. Your gut will thank you.

Unlike juices, smoothies retain the fiber-rich pulp that is great for your gut as it helps gut bacteria thrive leading to better digestion.

Moreover, dietary fiber also helps your body absorb any fruit sugar in a slower, steadier and more sustainable fashion.

If you are wondering which foods to include in your healthy smoothie for dietary fiber, the following high-fiber foods make for a great addition:

  • chia seeds (34.4% fiber content)

  • oats (10.6%)

  • artichoke (8.6%)

  • avocados (6.7%)

  • raspberries (6.5%)

  • pears (3.1%)

  • carrots (2.8%)

  • beets (2.8%)

  • bananas (2.6%)

  • apples (2.4%)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

3. How to Promote Satiety And Steady Energy Levels (The Power of Oats)

Oats are carbs, but good, complex carbs. They are high-fiber, slow digesting and a filling addition to your healthy smoothie.

Workout aficionados appreciate steel-cut or rolled oats in their pre-workout smoothie as they slow down sugar absorption in the bloodstream, providing them with a continuous and long-lasting energy supply in the gym, on the pitch or in the pool.

For anyone on the weight loss journey, oats are also a great addition to your healthy smoothie because they make your smoothies a more satisfying and filling drink by promoting satiety (similar to healthy nuts and seeds). By keeping you full longer, rolled or steel-cut oats may help you effectively keep your calorie-intake in check.

Why don’t you just add a good tablespoon or two of rolled oats to your next healthy smoothie, and see how long you last before your next meal.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

4. How to Hydrate Your Skin From The Inside (Omega-3 Healthy Fats)

Not all fats are evil. Omega-3s, for instance, are one of the healthiest fats in existence. They are crucial for a well-balanced diet as they help your system retain precious nutrients your body would otherwise miss out on.

This is the case with vitamins A, D, E and K as well as beta-carotene and lycopene ­– they all require a healthy fat to be fully absorbed by your system.

More than that, omega-3 fatty acids have been thoroughly studied and found to feature more than 17 important health benefits: from supporting brain health and fighting depression to hydrating your skin and lowering the risk of heart disease, just to name a few.

If you have dry skin, omega-3s help moisturize your skin from the inside. Studies show that women who consumed half a teaspoon of flax seed oil rich in omega-3 a day, were able to increase their skin hydration levels by 39% over a 12-week period.

Omega-3 rich healthy smoothie additions include:

  • chia seeds (4,915mg per serving)

  • flax seeds (2,338mg per serving)

  • walnuts (2,542mg per serving)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

5. How to Be Less Cranky And More Energized (Know Thyself)

Did you know that about 50% of people in North America and Europe lack magnesium without even knowing? That is a shame as magnesium is a super important mineral for the nervous system. What magnesium does exactly?

  • Magnesium helps transmit messages throughout your brain and nervous system. For instance, your muscles would not contract and relax, if it weren't for magnesium.

  • Magnesium has a positive effect on brain plasticity, that is the brain’s innate ability to adapt and learn from experience.

  • Magnesium helps promote deep sleep while reducing the levels of the stress-hormone cortisol.

  • A lack of magnesium increases the likelihood of depression.

Another extremely common mineral deficiency is anemia or iron deficiency. The World Health Organization calls iron deficiency the top nutritional disorder globally, with 80% of people world-wide not having enough iron in their system.

A lack of iron results in your body not producing sufficient amounts of red blood cells, which are responsible for supplying your muscles and organs with oxygen and nutrients. The result is unusual tiredness, low productivity and potentially poor health.

To prevent this, you can easily replenish your much-needed magnesium and iron reserves by integrating some of the following superfoods that are both iron and magnesium champions into your healthy smoothie. Here are our magnesium and iron champion foods:

  • kale

  • spinach

  • collard greens

  • dark chocolate

  • pumpkin seeds

  • flax seeds

  • chia seeds

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

6. How To Create Healthy Habits (That Stick)

The most common request that we get from readers is a list of the healthiest smoothies. This is almost impossible to answer as we all have different needs. For example, what might be particularly healthy and important for a child might be less important for a senior.

Even more than that, for any healthy drink to unfold the full spectrum of its health and wellness benefits you have to drink it consistently.

What matters is not only what you drink, but how consistently you drink it.

The point is that the healthiest smoothie for you will probably be the one that you like the most and therefore drink repeatedly.

Follow our healthy smoothie 101 guide and then simply make sure you actually like the taste and the results so much that you look forward to making your favorite smoothies again and again and again.


7. How To Step Up Your Cognitive Performance (Alpha Waves For Your Brain )

The most mind-blowing information we’ve gathered in our healthy drinks research pertains to the superpowers of matcha.

Matcha is a green tea that is 10x more potent than other green tea varieties.

With matcha you consume the entire leaf that has been refined into a powder. This is why, matcha's nutritional value is so much higher than that of any other green tea. But, what makes matcha stand out even more is that it supercharges your brain.

Matcha combines moderate levels of caffeine (about 1/5 the caffeine of a cup of coffee) and its stimulating effects with an amino acid by the name of L-theanine which releases calm-clarity-inducing alpha waves in your brain.

By combining L-theanine and caffeine, matcha green tea puts your mind in its best possible state: stimulated, but not jittery, productive, but not anxious.   

Adding it to your healthy smoothie recipe is extremely easy as it comes in powder form. All you have to do is add 1/2 a teaspoon of organic matcha green tea powder and voilà.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Smoothiests

The Bottom Line

Smoothies do not have to be high-sugar, high-calorie bombs. They can actually be very healthy drink options that dramatically increase your daily nutrient intake.

Plus, building truly healthy smoothies can be a fun and playful way of creating lasting, healthy habits while significantly upping your personal health game.

And by the way, please also spread the use of the word smoothiest — it's just too good not to ;)