[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

If you struggle with pimples and blemishes, one of our recommended acne teas along with a healthier diet may be all you need to get clear skin fast.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your pores become clogged by dead skin, bacteria or oil. Clogged pores can lead to inflammation and pimples.

Acne is not uncommon at all. In the US alone, 50 million people have acne breakouts each year.

In particular, 85% of teenagers experience acne due to the changes in their bodies' hormonal activity. But, even people in their 30s, 40s and 50s can suffer acne breakouts.

The most common factors causing or aggravating acne are: 

  • changes in hormonal activity for instance during puberty, pre-menstruation or pregnancy

  • excessive oil production by the skin

  • pore clogging due to oil, dead skin cells or bacteria

  • carbohydrate-rich foods like bagels, white breads, chocolate and chips

  • stress

Acne symptoms can vary from mild to severe. While natural skincare remedies can help clear most milder cases, the most severe cases will be most effectively treated with the help of a dermatologist.

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What Cures Acne? 

If there is one secret to a healthy and effective skin-care routine, it is that for skin to be clear, blemish-free, plump and supple it needs to be well-hydrated.

Hydration Benefits for Acne-Prone Skin

Water makes up 50% of the body and is the main element in your blood, supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients, and carrying away waste. 

Hydration is extremely important because water helps your skin wash away toxins that cause skin irritation and inflammation.

In the case of acne, proper hydration is even more important as it helps send the right messages to your glands. When your skin is dried out, it automatically sends a message to produce a film that protects the skin from outside intruders.

The only problem is that this film is made of oil and that oil clogs your pores, with unsightly acne breakouts to follow. To prevent these acne breakouts, hydrating your skin consistently is critical.

The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

Foods to Avoid When Having Acne

The second secret to clear, acne-free skin is that anything that you consume, eat or drink has an impact on your body as a whole and by extension on its largest organ, the skin. 

So, if you stuff and clog your liver and digestive system with junk food and unhealthy drinks — such as fried foods, white flour and sugar — you risk to seriously slow down your liver and gut’s filtering and treatment work.

The toxins and free radicals that both liver and gut normally neutralize, may start running free in your blood and body, eventually wracking havoc to your skin, too, and causing acne breakouts in the process.

Clearing Acne From the Inside Out

Finally, the third secret to clear skin is that, on the upside, anything that you consume, eat and drink becomes an opportunity for you to nourish, hydrate, clear and regenerate your skin – from the inside out.

You may apply ten different topical lotions, creams and serums to your skin and, if they are high-quality, they may have an impact. But, if you skip nourishing your skin from the inside by eating and drinking the essential skin nutrients, minerals and vitamins it craves, no amount of product will work.

What are the Best Acne Teas?

With these three anti-acne tips out of the way, it is now time to reveal some of the best acne teas to drink frequently to help you hydrate and nourish your skin properly.

Here are our 5 best acne teas for clear skin that can help reduce acne symptoms and prevent acne outbreaks.

[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

1. White Tea for Acne

White tea is known for being one of the mildest and least processed of tea types, with its delicate flavors testifying to that.

Why should you drink white tea? If you are concerned about acne breakouts, white tea might be your best bet.

Rich in antioxidants, white tea helps flush out free radicals responsible for causing damage to your skin cells. This, in conjunction with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps with skin problems including acne, eczema and redness.

Another reason why white tea is a great tool for skin repair and rejuvenation is that it holds high amounts of phenols which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for making your skin firm, springy and youthful.

[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

2. Chamomile Tea for Acne

If you look back for a second at the above list of factors known to cause or aggravate acne, you will find that acne breakouts are often associated with high levels of stress.

Luckily, chamomile tea can provide some form of relief here.

How? Chamomile's light and airy flavor makes it the perfect calming drink. Even ancient Egyptians recognized chamomile's medicinal properties, using it to treat fever and maintain healthy skin.

Today, it is rightly relied upon as a 100% natural stress-relief drink. Certain compounds found in chamomile tea explicitly reduce cortisol, a hormone your body generates when under stress.

And if that is not enough, chamomile further helps counter stress by stimulating the production of serotonin and melatonin, two hormones regulating both your mood and your sleep. Go chamomile!

For acne sufferers, chamomile tea is also great because in addition to its overall calming properties, chamomile features anti-inflammatory compounds that help reduce redness and swelling.

[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

3. Peppermint Tea for Acne

Does your skin tend to become oily and pimple-prone quickly? Then peppermint tea might be right for you. 

Peppermint's anti-androgenic powers are associated with improving shifts in hormonal activity – a common factor in acne – and reducing the production of excess oils from the sebaceous glands which otherwise would clog your pores and cause pimples.

More than that, peppermint's antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress in your skin, protecting it from premature aging and wrinkles.

And finally, peppermint tea's refreshing taste makes it a great go-to drink for staying hydrated during hot summers. Fancy a freshly brewed peppermint tea?

[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

4. Rooibos Tea for Acne

What could a common shrub from South Africa called red bush possibly have in store that might be good for your skin? A lot!!

While its vitamin and mineral contents are actually not that impressive, it is the power of its antioxidants that make rooibos tea a go-to for cleansing your pores and moisturizing your skin.

You may have never heard of nothofagin, aspalathin, and superoxide dismutase before. Yet, these antioxidants found in rooibos tea are your new best friends when it comes to protecting your skin from cell damage and complexion woes caused by free radicals. 

[Healthy Skin] The 5 Best Acne Teas for Clear Skin

5. Turmeric Tea for Acne

When your pores are clogged by bacteria, your body's defense system kicks in, increasing blood flow into the affected areas and sending chemicals to fight the bacteria attack. The result of which we know under the term inflammation. 

The turmeric plant is part of the ginger family and like ginger it boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

Curcumin, turmeric's main active ingredient, actually so effectively tackles inflammation at the molecular level that it outperforms certain anti-inflammation drugs.

Turmeric thus counteracts the formation of acne pimples and effectively helps fight skin redness. 

Making turmeric tea from organic, freshly grated turmeric root is one of the most effective ways to reap turmeric's skin benefits in one easy-to-prepare, super healthy drink. 

To make fresh turmeric tea, you do not need much, aside from the fresh, organic turmeric root. Peel and grate a 1/2 inch of turmeric root, pour 2 cups of hot (not boiling) water over it, let it simmer for 10 minutes, strain your freshly brewed turmeric tea and enjoy.

For more powerful tea recipes, including our turmeric-ginger-lemon skin detox tea, read our detox tea roundup.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best clear skin acne tea is the one that you like so much you incorporate it into your regular diet. So, when you choose your acne tea, keep in mind that flavor matters. If your taste buds tell you a tea is not for you, try another one you like better. 

Opt for high-quality and organic loose leaf teas (like those offered by Art of Tea) over bagged teas. Loose leaf teas have whole leaves that contain more antioxidants than tea bags that usually only contain broken leaves, dust and fannings. 

Keep in mind that carbohydrate rich diets, including a lot of sugar, can cause and aggravate acne. Therefore, try to drink your acne teas unsweetened or lightly sweetened so not to offset their skin benefits by making them too sugary. 

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